Even/Odd Films’ The Boombox Collection –“Zion I: ‘Ope-tivity!”

“Video from “The Boombox Collection: Zion I” (about 10 min) Zion I, as part of “The Boombox Collection,” is described as “an intimate portrait and performance series peering into the minds pioneering “working class” Hip Hop artists.” “Zion I” was directed by Mohammad Gorjestani. (Played at Noise Pop Festival, Artists’ Television Access, Feb. 18th. Zion I: … Read more Even/Odd Films’ The Boombox Collection –“Zion I: ‘Ope-tivity!”


Dharma Punk-tuation

Dispatches from the Noise Pop Festival The annual Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco is twenty-five years old! I have been ignoring it for so long that I decided to visit one of the venues, Artists’ Television Access, the  non-profit art gallery and screening salon on Valencia in the heart of the Mission District in … Read more Dharma Punk-tuation


Gimme Danger Review

“Gimme Danger,” A Documentary About Iggy Pop and the Stooges, by Jim Jarmusch (108 min) Rock ‘n’ roll does not lend itself to sober accounts well removed from the heat of the moment. Nor does it bury its dead. As a band fueled by raw exuberance, the Stooges crashed and died in the arms of … Read more Gimme Danger Review

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