Nothing Burger, by John Tischer

One side fits all.

Ran out of track

in a cul-de-sac…

handsome ransom…

Behold a pale,

dead horse;

beat it.

Oh! la-dee-da!

Oh! Nothing burger!

And, if the world ends,

no one there to care!

Even pyramids a cosmic

stitch in the Matrix!

Not all discos and fashion shows!


Who first thought: “eternity”


The first that didn’t live it?

What does it mean to just be?

Can you let it be?

“Be what? “

See what I mean?

If you wait long enough,

everything happens, so,

trying to create

a perfect state

is already too late.

Yes, a whole lot ‘o shaking

going on, and not much else.

Shake it up,

shake and bake,

pyramids icing on the cake

of a nothing burger.


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