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Photo by Gerald Nicosia. Edited by Carl Macki.Centennial Edition of Ground-breaking Kerouac Bio to be Published


When Memory Babe first appeared from Grove Press in 1983, Library Journal wrote: “To call this book the definitive Kerouac biography is an understatement … [it is] all-inclusive and richly detailed. The reader’s immersion in Kerouac’s thoughts, moves, and mess-ups is so total that one cannot but feel a great empathy for him.”

Now there is another edition, to celebrate the 100th year of Jack Kerouac (1922-1969).

.MEMORY BABE: A Critical Biography of Jack Kerouac, by Gerald Nicosia. The Kerouac Centennial Edition. New and Revised, with Introduction by R.B. Morris. Noodlebrain Press. 841 pages, with index and photos. 

Official publication date–September 6, 2022.

Jack Kerouac, the writer once dubbed “King of the Beats,” passed away in 1969 at the age of forty-seven. His literary influence has progressively expanded since his legendary lifestyle and one-of-a-kind creative skill made him a hero throughout his lifetime.

“I’ve read my copy of Memory Babe fifteen times, I’ve had it next to me for years and years and years. . .it’s falling apart. It’s the single greatest biography of anyone I’ve ever read in my life. Memory Babe is the only real biography of Kerouac. Compared to it, all the others are like cut-and-paste jobs. . . .”—Victor Bockris, author of With William Burroughs and many other biographies

Gerald Nicosia presents us with a brand-new edition in 2022 of his award-winning biography of the writer. It is a recently updated version of his detailed biography of Jack Kerouac — “Memory Babe,” a childhood nickname referencing Kerouac’s outstanding recall.

Many unique pictures that have never been published in the earlier edition are included in this collection, along with corrections and new material dealing with the author’s relationship to Jack’s daughter, Jan.

Those wishing to receive an advance copy, or one for purchase: official release date: 9/6/22), should email author Gerald Nicosia at


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