The Carotid Kid

  Ernest’s psychopathy was recognized at an early age. The local constabulary knew of his exploits as a child; torturing animals, stealing, getting into fights. After a certain number of offenses, his data was automatically sent to Langley, where his case was reviewed to see if he was recruitment material. He was. At sixteen, after an arrest… Continue reading The Carotid Kid

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Dawn Of The Kali Yuga

The Dawn of the Kali Yuga   Downward spiral of ego out of control. Common sense taken out of the game. If you haven’t been paying attention, you’re in big trouble. Mamos “destroy by creating the age of weaponry.” What is important to people these days? Art? Love? Truth? Guns are right up there. Fighting… Continue reading Dawn Of The Kali Yuga


Corporations Are People, Too — Poetry by Jerome Sala

Photo of Author. Credit: Turtle Point Press Jerome Sala’s Corporations Are People, Too NYQ Books: Join our general mailing list to be informed when it becomes available. . . (Anticipated Publication Date: May 5, 2017) Cover Art: Ferdinand and Imelda City, 1986, oil on canvas, 72 x 48 in. © The School of the Art… Continue reading Corporations Are People, Too — Poetry by Jerome Sala


Cartooning: The art of–Masterful Marks

Cartooning: “Masterful Marks,” by Monte Beauchamp. In a first-of-its-kind collection, award-winning illustrators celebrate the lives of the visionary artists who created the world of Cartooning and altered pop culture forever. Sixteen Graphic Novel Biographies of: • Walt Disney • Dr. Seuss • Charles Schulz • The Creators of Superman • R. Crumb • Jack Kirby… Continue reading Cartooning: The art of–Masterful Marks