Dawn Of The Kali Yuga

Downward spiral of ego out of control.

Common sense taken out of the game.

If you haven’t been paying attention,

you’re in big trouble.

Mamos “destroy by creating the age

of weaponry.”

What is important to people these days?

Art? Love? Truth?

Guns are right up there.

Fighting is entertainment.

Terror is organized.

World economy based on war.

Can you tell me this is not the trend?

Can you point to any well know

idealist/realist that has not been

murdered or marginalized?

Can you point to anyone in charge

that is not a criminal or insane?

Disneyland is what they want

you to believe,

while they pick your pockets.

destroy your children,

ignore the mess.

It will get to the point where

cannibalism is fashionable.

You’ve been warned.

–John Tischer

John Tischer lives in Tepoztlán, Mexico, He is a contributor to Contemporary Literary Horizon.


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