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  • San Rafael/Mexico City Blues Poem

    I read this poem at the Beat Museum last Sunday. –CM Prologue A superficial reading of one of these poems [in the book of lyrics by Kerouac] led me to believe he was referring to Burroughs — the section where Kerouac is taking down the words of old junkie Bill Garver — I think he […]

  • Anubis Walked With A Limp: Jan Kerouac

     Anubis walked with a limp–Jan Kerouac  We wanted her to be like a figure in a painting by Botticelli [or a China doll] instead, we got Jackson Pollock [in all his glory]. Gerry gave me her address before I landed in L.A. I looked for her apartment in Hollywood. rang the bell and as we talked spread my writings […]

  • The Last Days of Jan Kerouac: A Mourner’s Tale

    A chapbook by Gerald Nicosia Nobody is better qualified to write Jan’s Kerouac’s story than Gerald Nicosia. His deep knowledge of her life, his insight and historical depth plus deep compassion make him the ideal witness.”  — David Meltzer   Beat biographer Gerald Nicosia knew Jan Kerouac for at least the last fifteen years of […]