Nothing Burger, by John Tischer

One side fits all. Ran out of track in a cul-de-sac… handsome ransom… Behold a pale, dead horse; beat it. Oh! la-dee-da! Oh! Nothing burger! And, if the world ends, no one there to care! Even pyramids a cosmic stitch in the Matrix! Not all discos and fashion shows! Ozymandias! Who first thought: “eternity” “infinity”? … Read more Nothing Burger, by John Tischer


I Can See Clearly Now

By John Tischer I can see Hillary right now: “If I ever get my hands on that damned butterfly!” hallucinating M&M’s as she pours another glass of Chardonnay…sparks and the smell of burnt insulation… drunk Mario World surrounded by kaiso blocks…Martha and the Vandellas; nowhere to run. What would Jesus say? “Yeah, I’m coming back…I’m … Read more I Can See Clearly Now

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